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Caroline had the honor of being the 61st Texas Tech Masked Rider. She applies her degree and experience to her instruction and training. Everything takes time and everyone learns at their own pace and in different ways.  


Along with Caroline's many years and experience in riding and training horses she is in the United States Pony Club. She is currently a C2-HB and wanting to achieve her A one day. Caroline served as Vice-President and President of the youth board. Currently, she is a Assistant Center Administrator for Foretold Heights Pony Club Center. Caroline rode for the Texas Tech Equestrian Team and rode in IEA for a couple of years.  


She has touched in almost every discipline in the western and english industry, and continues to learn more. 

For the past 10 years Caroline has worked hand in hand with multiple breeders and trainers of different disciplines and have broke, trained, and sold horses for them. 

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